About WolletjeBol

It started in 2010, with an endless need to crochet. Cushions, blankets, covers, even more cushions… family and friends have seen a lot of successful and less successful projects pass by! Everything had a label, the name ‘WolletjeBol’ has been around for years. With always in mind a dormant dream… Would it ever be possible to spend all my time on this brand?

At the end of 2016 I came into contact with the beautiful chunky knit blankets. All the enthusiasm about crocheting shifted to knitting! It is wonderful material, and working with this beautiful merino wool is still a party to this day. Meanwhile there is some expansion, both in terms of employees and materials… so who knows where the dream ends 😉

If you cannot find what you are looking for in terms of size or colour choices, please feel free to send us a message. The possibilities are endless!

Oh and about the name ‘WolletjeBol’… that’s a Dutch language joke. The first letters of Bolletje (small ball) and Wol (wool) have been exchanged. So in English it would be something like WallBool… that suddenly sounds very different 😉

Love from The Netherlands,

Trijntje (and paws from Pietepiet and Pom)

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