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Make your own chunky knit throw

WolletjeBol sells the most beautiful wool, to make your own chunky knit throw. And not only the wool, but everything you need is in one package.
Do you prefer to work with cotton? That is also available, not in a complete package but in balls of chunky cotton.

Would you like to make your own chunky knit throw Then you’ve come to the right place! Because you can definitely make such a chunky knitted plaid yourself. With the finest merino wool, with the right material and a good manual….. you can get started at home with your do-it-yourself package.

WolletjeBol makes the DIY packages with merino wool of different qualities and price, with even organic certified wool of 19 micron. The price differs per size and per quality. For example, taupe grey is a basic wool of 27 microns, which is an excellent quality to work with. If you go for truly mega soft (organic) wool of 19 microns, the price is a little higher. That is not for nothing. Merino wool is a beautiful but fragile natural product. In short, the higher the price, the higher the quality of the wool. You can feel this on your skin and see how long your plaid remains beautiful. The quality and maintenance of the wool determines how long your plaid remains beautiful. Read more about determining the quality of your merino wool online.

What’s in your DIY-package:
  1. The right amount of merino wool for a plaid in your chosen size. If you knit tighter then it gets smaller, if you knit looser then it gets bigger. Due to the high quality merino wool your plaid remains beautiful for a long time.
  2. An instruction card, with written explanations and pictures.
  3. A felt needle, to stitch the wool together when you accidentally pull it apart or when your plaid is finished.
  4. A beautiful label of soft imitation leather, which really finishes off your plaid.

The only thing you have to take care of yourself is a place where you can sit, with the wool in front of you on the table. Then you start working with your hands (not even with your entire arms) and knitting needles are not necessary.
So… start shopping your DIY-package in the webshop ­čÖé

We think it is important to give you good information about the merino wool. Can you wash it? What is the quality? How does it stay beautiful? You can find all this information under our frequently asked questions.

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