DIY – getting started !

Do you get excited by all those beautiful pictures of WolletjeBol-plaids and cushions? And do you think ‘I can do this too’? Then you’ve come to the right place at! Because you can definitely make such a big knitted product yourself. With the highest quality organic wool or organic cotton… you can work at home with your do-it-yourself package.

WolletjeBol sells the best materials to make your own home accessories. A throw, basket, pillow, pouf… you can’t think of it so crazy or the beautiful material lends itself to it. Of course we also help you on your way with free patterns, so you can get started as soon as your material arrives.

We sell both thick wool and thick cotton. The wool in ready-made plaid packages, the cotton in balls of 1 kg each. We have written a blog about the differences between these materials, and what best suits the situation.

Organic cotton

If you opt for the same cool look as the wool, but greater durability, then you will find the chunky cotton. A fantastic material, which is much less vulnerable than merino wool. It feels a bit less soft than the fluffy wool. The thick cotton is very strong and washable, making it easy to use by/with children and pets.

Because the material is so strong, it’s easier to unravel if you’re not satisfied with the result. Or if you want to make something else with it. Because the possibilities for use are greater than with the wool (which is mainly used for throws), the cotton is sold in balls of 1 kg. The ends of the thick cotton you neatly work away with needle and thread, you will receive matching yarn with your order. Your cotton balls always come with a Cotton Guide. Here you will find tips on care and maintenance of the material.

Of course we also help you on your way with fun patterns, so you can start working at home right away. Look here for the available patterns. You can add the free patterns to your order, they will then become available for download after you purchase the material. Each description explains step by step what you need to do, including photos. And if you can’t figure it out, we’ll always be there for you with help.

You can find the thick cotton here in the webshop.

Package organic merino wool

The DIY packages for merino wool are made of organically certified 19 micron wool. The price differs per size, because you buy the right amount of wool for a certain size. Merino wool is a beautiful but fragile natural product. Therefore, a good explanation on how to make your throw is included. You will find a lot of online offers of wool to make a plaid. In short: the higher the price, the higher the quality of the wool. You can feel that on your skin and you will notice how long your plaid remains beautiful. The quality and maintenance of the wool determines to a large extent how long your plaid will stay beautiful. Read more about determining the quality of your merino wool online here.

Your DIY package for merino wool includes:

  1. The right amount of merino wool for a plaid in your chosen size. If you knit tighter, it will become smaller, if you knit looser, it will become larger. The high quality merino wool keeps your plaid beautiful for a long time.
  2. A DIY pattern, with explanation and pictures. You can add the free pattern to your shopping basket.
  3. A felt needle, to connect the wool if you accidentally pull it apart or when your plaid is ready.
  4. A nice label made of soft imitation suede, which will really finish your plaid.

The only thing you have to take care of yourself is a place where you can sit, with the wool in front of you on the table. Then you start working with your hands (not with your whole arms) and knitting needles are not necessary.

So… on to the webshop ­čÖé

We find it important to give you good and detailed information about the merino wool and the cotton. Can you wash it? What is the quality? How does it stay beautiful? All this information can be found in the frequently asked questions.

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