DIY – getting started !

Do It Yourself – make your own chunky knits

It looks like wool… but it’s not ! This thick organic cotton has the same looks, but it’s washable and nice and strong.

WolletjeBol sells a beautiful selection of colors, with a few colors that change per season. You will find them all in the webshop.

The thick cotton is suitable for beginners and more experienced crocheters/knitters. We often hear: ‘I want to make that too… but I’m not that handy’. Then you are at the right place at WolletjeBol! We provide a good pattern with step-by-step pictures and superfine soft material, so you can get started right away even without any experience.
You don’t need knitting sticks or crochet needles, the cotton is so thick that you can work with your hands. So you can definitely make a chunky knitted item yourself. A plaid, a pouf, a pillow, a basket … it’s all possible.

You can’t think of anything or the beautiful material lends itself to it. All our patterns are available as a free download, or you can find them here on the site:

Pattern Midi/Big Cotton – Plaid

Pattern Midi/Big Cotton – Pillow round

Pattern Midi/Big Cotton – Pillow square/rectangle

Pattern Midi/Big Cotton – Basket round

Pattern Midi/Big Cotton – Pouf 65×30 cm

MIDI or BIG Cotton?

Midi Cotton is about 18 mm thick, Big Cotton is about 30 mm thick. The name gives it away… the thread of the Big Cotton is a bit thicker. The material is otherwise the same, they are both organic cotton filled with synthetic filling material. The colors are also the same and both are washable. Both thicknesses are sold by the kilo. A ball of Midi contains about 50 meters, a ball of Big 30 meters. Midi is more flexible to work with, because it is thinner. Because there are more meters in a ball of yarn, you will need less material for your project. The look of Midi is similar to a woollen plaid, Big Cotton looks even thicker than a chunky woollen plaid.

Wool or cotton?

WolletjeBol does not sell merino wool for DIY projects. In fact, we see a lot of advantages in the thick cotton, which makes it more suitable if you’re getting started with chunky material for the first time. What you need to know:

  • This soft and thick cotton has the look and feel of wool, but with some extra handy features. The thick cotton is very strong and washable, so it can be used by/with children and pets.
  • Because the material is so strong, you can also undo it more easily if you are not satisfied with the result. Or if you want to make something else with it. Just start again !
  • The cotton is sold in individual balls of 1 kg. All free patterns indicate how much cotton you will need for your project.
  • The ends of the thick cotton need to be worked away with a needle and thread, you will receive matching thread with your order. A Cotton Guide is always included with your cotton balls. It contains tips on care and maintenance of the material.

You can find the thick cotton here in the webshop.

The only thing you have to take care of yourself is a place to sit, with the cotton in front of you on the table. Then you start working with your hands (so not with your whole arms) and knitting sticks are not necessary.
And if you can’t quite figure it out from the pattern, we’re always here to help.


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