Pattern Big / Midi Cotton – Pillow


Needed: Big Cotton / Midi Cotton – needle and thread – scissors

Step 1 : Remove the cotton from the box. Find the beginning and place the cotton next to / in front of you.

Step 2 : Make a starting loop by passing the cotton thread through the opening from below – photos 1,2 and 3. Do this 5 more times so that you have a row of 7 loops – photo 4. Do not make the loops too tight, otherwise the bottom of the pillow will be narrower than the top.

Look at the bottom of this pattern for an indication of the number of loops and rows per size and material. In this pattern, we are going to assume a 40×40 cm pillow made with Big Cotton.

Step 3: Now pull your cotton thread from the bottom through the side of the second loop of the row – picture 4. You have now made a new loop, standing upright. Repeat 5 more times so that you see 7 loops – photo 5. Row 1 is finished.

Step 4: Pass a new loop through all 7 loops – photo 6. Repeat 14 times, making a total of 16 times going back and forth – photo 7.

Make sure your cotton is in the direction you’re going. So at the end of the row, lay your thread to the left or to the right. Pass the cotton through each loop so you’re making another loop. This is how you go back and forth. You don’t have to turn your work, it just stays flat on the table in front of you.

Step 5: Fold your piece in half so that the bottom and top are together – photos 8 and 9.

Tip 1: The lenght of your remaining thread
The remaining length of your cotton thread should now be about 6x the width of your pillow. If it is longer, you can cut it off to make it easier to work on the next steps. If it is shorter, you will need to tack on a piece of cotton thread (see tip 2) or pull out your last made row.

Tip 2: How to attach your yarn to a new ball
This is how you attach the thread of a new ball: From both ends, fold the cotton back a bit and cut off 5 cm of the white stuffing. Fold the cotton over to the inside. Tuck (fidget 😊) one end into the other, and secure together with small stitches all around – photos 17, 18 and 19.

Step 6 : Now thread your cotton thread from top to bottom through the loops – photos 9 and 10. First through a loop at the top of the piece, then through the loop at the bottom of the piece. By doing this, you are sewing the two sides together – picture 11.

Step 7: Now that the bottom is closed, continue sewing on the sides in the same way – photos 11 and 12.

Step 8 : When the first side is closed, pull your cotton thread on the inside of the patch from one side to the other. Tuck your inner pillow into your knit, and thread the other side closed as well.

Step 9 : Take the end of the loop, fold the cotton outward and cut a piece of the inner stuffing – photo 13. Now fold the cotton a bit inward so you don’t see a frayed edge anymore – photo 14. Lay the end flat where you want to sew it on, somewhere under another loop. Take a needle and thread and sew the cotton in place like this – photo 15.

old pink pillow xxl big chunky knit free pattern

Your self-made pillow is ready !

Photos at tip 2, attaching 2 balls of cotton thread together.

The dimensions:

With this pattern you will make a square pillow of about 40×40 cm, measured from seam to seam. If you want to make a different size, you can use this guideline:

BIG COTTON40×40 cm40×60 cm60×60 cm
MIDI COTTON40×40 cm40×60 cm60×60 cm

Enjoy your self-made creation !

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