Pattern Midi/Big Cotton – Pouf 65×30 cm


Needed: 3 bollen Midi/Big Cottoninner pouf – needle and thread – scissors

Step 1 : Remove the cotton from the box. Find the beginning and place the cotton next to / in front of you.

Step 2: Make a starting loop by passing the cotton thread through the opening from below – photo 1,2 and 3. Do this 5 more times so that you have a row of 6 loops – photo 4.

Check the bottom of this pattern for an indication of the number of loops and rows per size and material. In this pattern, we assume a 30/65 cm pouf made with Big Cotton.

Step 3: Now pull your cotton thread from the bottom through the side of the first loop of the row as well as through the loop you just made – photo 5. This will create a circle with a loop on it – photo 6 and 7.

Step 4 : Pull a loop through all the sides of the round. At the end, you will have a round with 6 raised loops – photo 8.

Step 5 : Pull a loop through each thread next to the previous 6 loops – photo 8. At the end you will have a round with 12 loops – photo 9. It’s not a nice or neat round, you don’t have to worry about that yet. This is the bottom of your pouf.

Step 6 : Pull a loop through each of the 12 loops. Do this one more time, so in total you go around 2 times.

Tip 1 : Put a piece of thread in/around the first of your 12 loops, so you know when you are round.

Tip 2 : Turn your work over after 3 rounds, so you can work with the bulge that is about to form.

Tip 3 : How to attach your yarn to a new ball
This is how to attach the thread of a new ball: From both ends, fold the cotton back a bit and cut 5 cm from the white stuffing. Fold the cotton over to the inside. Tuck (fiddle 😊) one end into the other, and attach with small stitches all around – photos 19, 20 and 21.

Step 7 : Pull up a loop between each of the 12 loops – photo 10. You now have a total of 24 loops-photo 11.

Step 8 : Pull a loop through all 24 loops. Do this 12 more times, so in total you will go around 13 times.

Step 9 : On the inside of your pouf, attach the starting thread somewhere, with needle and thread. It doesn’t matter where, as long as it doesn’t stick out on the outside – photo 12. Put the inner pouf in.

Step 10 : Join the 24 loops back together to form 12 loops. You do this by taking 2 loops together and pulling the thread through them – photos 13 and 14.

Step 11 : Pull a small loop through each of your 12 loops. Don’t make these last loops too big, as it won’t look as pretty for the top of your pouf. Cut your thread widely. Pull the thread from the left or right through all 12 loops and pull well – photo 15. You will now see a star shape and your pouf is closed – photos 16, 17 and 18.

Step 12 : Take the end of the loop, fold the cotton outward and cut a piece of the inner filling – like photo 19. Now fold the cotton a bit inward, so you don’t see a frayed edge anymore. Lay the end flat where you want to sew it on, somewhere under another loop. Take a needle and thread and sew the cotton in this way.

Your self-made pouf is ready!

Photos at tip #3, joining 2 balls of cotton thread together.

The dimensions:

 BIG COTTON30 high x 65 cm40 high x 65 cm30 high x 55 cm
Rows13 (at step 8)15 (at step 8)13 (at step 8)
MIDI COTTON30 high x 65 cm40 high x 65 cm30 high x 55 cm
Rows16 (at step 8)18 (at step 8)16 (at step 8)

Enjoy your self-made creation !
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