Bubble Felt ‘Split Second’ – number 6


Split Second – Number 6 – Autumn

The perfect combination between a soundproof panel and handmade unique textile art: Bubble Felt Art. This new collection is called ‘Split Second’.

By using acoustic material on the back ánd wool felt circles on the front, a Bubble Felt painting is particularly suitable for improving the acoustics in a room.

Size: 52 cm x 72 cm

Material front side: GOTS certified merino wool felt circles

Material back : 15mm thick acoustic polyester wool, density 20 kg/m3

Wool felt color: Shades of brown / Light grey / Orange / Yellow

Background color: Light beige

Frame: Black wood (optional in natural, unpainted wood)

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Each painting is made entirely by hand, with 100% organic merino wool felt circles. By hand, each circle is glued to the canvas. The design of each wall decoration is unique. Only a limited number of paintings are made of each series. Each painting features a WolletjeBol logo and is numbered and signed on the back.


All paintings have a high quality sound dampening material on the back. For this we use 15mm thick polyester wool with a density of 20kg/m3. In addition to being fire-resistant and heat-resistant, this material is sound-absorbing. This makes the paintings particularly suitable for ‘hard rooms’, with, for example, plastered walls, extra high walls, rooms with a lot of glass or a concrete or cast floor. By combining both the acoustic material on the back and the wool felt on the front, you achieve a double effect. The wool felt at the front also absorbs sound. The larger the painting, the greater the effect.

Delivery time and shipment

All panels will be shipped withing 3 business days. For transport, the painting will be packed with the greatest care. Within the Netherlands it will be delivered to your home without extra costs. For all other countries, the price of delivery varies per country and will be calculated automatically upon checkout. Feel free to contact us to discuss any other the possibilities.


The painting is light and therefore easy to mount. Each painting has a hanging hook on the back, which is attached in the middle. It can thus already be hung on one screw or nail (depending on the size).