DIY – sand (organic wool)

Complete package to make your own chunky knit throw – linen- 19 micron (organic wool)

Read more about determining the quality of your wool online.

Your DIY package contains the following:

  1. Enough merino wool for the size of your choice. If you knit it tighter, it becomes smaller, and if you knit it looser, it becomes larger.
  2. An instruction card, with written explanations and photos.
  3. A felt needle, to attach the wool together if you accidentally pull it apart or if your plaid is finished.
  4. A beautiful label of soft imitation suede, which really finishes off your plaid.

Are you in any doubt about the colour? Then you can always order a sample card first.

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

Complete package to create a chunky knit throw yourself – sand – 19 micron (organic wool).

What do you think when you see all those beautiful throws? That’s what you want too! Would you like to get started yourself instead of buying an already made plaid? This is also possible, it is great fun and not difficult to do. Especially with the right and finest materials, a good instruction and a nice label to really finish your homemade chunky knit throw.

There are different colors and sizes available. There’s something available for every taste. The price differs per size and per quality.
For example, taupe grey is a basic wool of 27 microns, which is an excellent quality to work with. If you go for mega soft (organic certified) merino wool of 19 microns, the price is a little higher. In short, the higher the price, the higher the quality of the wool. You can feel this on your skin and see how long your plaid remains beautiful.

Merinowol is a beautiful but fragile natural product. The quality and maintenance of the wool largely determines how long your plaid remains beautiful. WolletjeBol is also available for advice about care and maintenance of your wool product.

There are 4 sizes:
S – approximately 80*120 cm
M – approximately 90*140 cm
L – approximately 100*180 cm
Runner – approximately 90*240 cm

Your package will always be sent within 2 working days.

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