SALE – Throw dark ochre 90*140 cm (chunky cotton)

Beautiful chunky knit cotton plaid, very suitable for decorative use or nice and warm on the (garden) couch.
The plaid has the appearance of a chunky knit woollen plaid, but unlike wool, cotton is super strong and washable.

This plaid is priced lower than the other cotton plaids. The reason: the cotton used has no GOTS quality mark and will be replaced by cotton that does have an organic quality mark.

Handmade dark ochre throw in chunky cotton. This chunky knit product is incredibly special and looks amazing in your home or garden. By using high quality cotton, this product is strong and washable.

Delivery time and shipping

Your order is  shipped within 1-2 days.


The products are knitted by hand from a thick cotton ‘tube’. The tube is knitted on round-knitting machines. It is then filled with filling fibres, giving the final material a diameter of about 3-4 centimetres. Every plaid that is ordered is handmade by us in the Netherlands. There are no machines in Europe that can knit with such thick material. All the material we use is colored according to the Ökotex-100 standard. In order to be allowed to comply with this standard, a company must demonstrate, among other things, that no substances harmful to you have been used in the painting process. This chunky cotton has the GOTS quality mark. This means, among other things, that the cotton is obtained and processed in a biological, sustainable and environmentally-friendly way.

Size and colour

The size is approximate. It is a handmade product, so the size may vary slightly. In the beginning, the product may look a bit smaller, it gets bigger over time. The colors shown are the best possible indication of the actual colour. Due to screen or color settings, the color may appear slightly different than it actually is.


The material looks like chunky knit wool, but cotton has the advantage that it is much stronger than wool. It is washable, ‘child-proof’ and ‘pet-proof’. Also for a cotton product, your care and maintenance are important to enjoy your beautiful purchase for as long as possible.

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