Are you unsure about the color ? Or does it have to match something else perfectly ? Whatever the reason may be, a sample is always a good idea.

How it works: When you order a sample set, you receive a piece of wool and/or cotton of the colors mentioned below. You will receive a discount code for the full amount you payed for the sample set.

Use the code ‘sample’ for free shipping of your samples.


Colors wool in the sample set:

  • Snow white (organic wool)
  • Wool white (organic wool)
  • Taupe grey (basic wool)
  • Linen (organic wool)
  • Silver grey (organic wool)
  • Stone grey (organic wool)
  • Ash grey (organic wool)
  • Anthracite (organic wool)
  • Dark ochre (organic wool)
  • Sunny ochre (organic wool)
  • Pastel pink (organic wool)
  • Old pink (organic wool)
  • Rusty pink (organic wool)
  • Mint green (organic wool)
  • Olive green (organic wool)
  • Moss green (organic wool)
  • Dark green (organic wool)
  • Mint blue (organic wool)
  • Petrol (organic wool)
  • Dark denim (organic wool)

Colors cotton in the sample set:

  • White
  • Natural
  • Linen
  • Silver grey
  • Ash grey
  • Black
  • Old pink
  • Moss greeb

Are you looking for a different color? Just let us know which colors you would like to see!

Use the code ‘sample’ for free shipping of your samples.


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